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John Farrell, General Director Google Mexico.

Being Hispanic…Does it have any influence on your business?
Yes, it drives my interest to bring the value of Google's platforms to the hispanic community.

In the face of adversity, how do you decide to keep going?
In the military there is a well known axiom: "Plans mean nothing, planning is everything". We should expect adversity, it's what makes our life challenging and fun. But we should prepare for it to make us more competent.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced?
The first few months after my son was born 4 months premature (he's now fine).

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
Wish I had started playing golf earlier- to have a better handicap =)

What was your childhood ambition?
President of the US

Tell us about three people that you admire?
Alexander Hamilton: amazing intellect, major contributor to the survival of the US after its independence by consolidating state debts under a central bank, and creating a Federal army. Hamilton's clash of ideas with Jefferson is the foundation of our constitution.

Martin Luther King: leadership centered on courage and morality. He led black Americans to genuine freedom, and liberated white America from a shameful past.

Alvaro Uribe: rescued Colombia from terror and lawlessness. A challenge to any cynic who think some things can't change.

For meetings: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
None- rather have short meeting in an office setting. If eating is imperative I rather do breakfast.

What sacrifices on your personal life did you have to make in order to become a business success?
Less time available than I would have liked to spend with my family.

What is your favorite quote?
"Sometimes our best is not enough, sometime we have to do what is required." Winston Churchill

Is it difficult to be unconventional?
I think most truly unconventional people don't try- they are simply engineered to think in unconventional ways.

Biggest mistake made?
Undercapitalized start-up, cash flow challenges can create too much stress!

Do you consider yourself an innovator? Why?
Yes- always looking to improve things, even if only incrementally.

About the Company:
Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

As a first step to fulfilling that mission, Google's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed a new approach to online search that took root in a Stanford University dorm room and quickly spread to information seekers around the globe. Google is now widely recognized as the world's largest search engine -- an easy-to-use free service that usually returns relevant results in a fraction of a second.
When you visit or one of the dozens of other Google domains, you'll be able to find information in many different languages; check stock quotes, maps, and news headlines; lookup phonebook listings for every city in the United States; search billions of images and peruse the world's largest archive of Usenet messages -- more than 1 billion posts dating back to 1981.

Google's utility and ease of use have made it one of the world's best known brands almost entirely through word of mouth from satisfied users. As a business, Google generates revenue by providing advertisers with the opportunity to deliver measurable, cost-effective online advertising that is relevant to the information displayed on any given page. This makes the advertising useful to you as well as to the advertiser placing it. We believe you should know when someone has paid to put a message in front of you, so we always distinguish ads from the search results or other content on a page. We don't sell placement in the search results themselves, or allow people to pay for a higher ranking there.
Thousands of advertisers use our
Google AdWords program to promote their products and services on the web with targeted advertising, and we believe

AdWords is the largest program of its kind. In addition, thousands of web site managers take advantage of our Google AdSense program to deliver ads relevant to the content on their sites, improving their ability to generate revenue and enhancing the experience for their users.

To learn more about Google, click on the link at the left for the area that most interests you. Or type what you want to find into our search box and hit enter.

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